Acute Mercury Inhalation
Various facts about what might cause a bitter taste in your mouth.
Inhaled Mercury can cause a Bitter taste in Mouth.
Posted on May 15th, 2009
One possible cause of "bitter taste in mouth" is acute mercury inhalation. However unlikely it is possible that you could have inhaled some mercury by accident. Mercury is not good for you at all but it is actually found in many common items that we use on a daily basis. One simple example is this. If you perhaps broke a thermometer inside of an enclosed space you could have inhaled some mercury. This could cause a bitter taste in mouth.

If you think you might have inhaled some mercury on accident and think it could be the cause, of that bitter taste in your mouth, but are not sure then here are some other symptoms to be on the lookout for.
Breathing difficulty
Remember inhaling mercury or letting it get into your blood stream in any way is very bad and you should seek medical attention immediately if you think this might be the cause of that bitter taste in your mouth.
Listed below are some products that could contain mercury.

• Airflow/fan limit controls                                         • Antiques

• Appliances (Electric)                                              • Appliances (Gas-fired)

• Barometers                                                            • Button cell batteries

• Clothes irons                                                          • Electronics

• Gas flow regulators                                                • Heating and cooling systems

• Jewelry                                                                  • Lamps/Light bulbs

• Light switches (Silent)                                            • Mercury

• Paint (Latex)                                                          • Pesticides

• Plumbing                                                               • Security systems

• Shoes                                                                    • Sporting Equipment

• Television Sets                                                       • Thermometers

• Thermostats                                                           • Tilt Switches
Mercury Inhalation